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Useful Information for Parents


Fruit:                                  Fresh fruit is provided as part of a Government initiative, each

                                               Day for all children in Foundation Stage and KS1.  Our School

                                               Governors have also agreed that KS2 pupils are provided with

                                               fruit too (free of charge).  We encourage children to try new


                                               If there is anything your child is allergic to, please inform

                                               school promptly.


Milk:                                   In our school all children are provided with milk every day. 

                                               In this school this facility is free of charge to all pupils throughout the school.

                                               Milk is served from 8.45 – 8.55am so please ensure pupils arrive

                                               in time to enjoy it.


Water Bottles:               Each child has a water bottle provided by school at the beginning of the academic year.

                                              Each child's water bottle is labelled with their name.

                                              It should be taken home every night and returned each morning

                                              filled with fresh water only.  Children are encouraged to drink

                                              water as regularly as possible.


Medicines:                      We are only able to administer prescribed medicines. 

                                             Permission for the administration of medicines must be given on a form which is available from the school office

                                             or in the Downloadable Forms Section.



After School Clubs:    The school offers a range of After School Clubs throughout the

                                             school year.  This service is free of charge to all pupils. 

                                             Reception pupils are offered After School Clubs in the Spring

                                             and Summer terms when they are more settled into the school

                                             routine. (see Parents Section)