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Reading and Phonics

How we teach reading


Teaching Reading in EYFS and KS1


At Our Lady and St Joseph Brooms, early reading is taught through the system of synthetic phonics. We teach phonics using 'Read Write Inc'. It is taught daily from the start of Reception. Through the Read Write Inc programme, staff listen to children read each day.  Common Exception Words are taught through the Read Write Inc scheme but each year group also focus on the relevant list of words. 


Stories and book sharing are special times of each day, where teachers read a wide range of stories, poems, nursery rhymes and non-fiction books to the children. This is when children learn to understand the stories and texts they hear and where they develop a range of new vocabulary, ideas and comprehension skills. 


As they progress into KS1, children are taught  further reading skills in Whole Class Guided reading sessions.  During these sessions, there is a greater focus on comprehension skills linked to the reading content domains. 


How to help your child

Reading to and with your child each day is the most important thing you can do to support your child's development as a reader. Your child will bring home a reading book each week that is linked to their developing phonic knowledge and Read Write Inc level.  Below you can find further guidance about how to support your child at home along with a link to the Ruth Miskin Parent Website where you can find many helpful videos and information. 


Teaching Reading in Key Stage 2

In Key Stage 2 we build on the children's early reading success as well as continuing to support less confident readers. Each day, children take part in whole class guided reading sessions where staff model fluent and expressive reading from high quality texts then children develop their own skills in reading alongside  their comprehension skills, love of reading and building up a rich vocabulary. 


How to help your child

In KS2, as children become more fluent readers they still  benefit from sharing books with you in order to continually  develop their understanding of new vocabulary and comprehension and to foster a love of reading.  Your child will bring home a reading book each week that they have chosen for themselves within their range. 


How we develop a love of reading:

Staff choose texts that will engage the children and they have opportunities to read a wide range of books. Each class has a reading area where new books or key authors are highlighted. Staff share their love of books and visiting authors provide a rich , memorable experience for the children.  World Book Day, National Storytelling Week, National Poetry day are all celebrated in school. 


How we assess reading:

The children's reading is continually assessed through questioning and teaching. At the end of each term, we carry out a more formal assessment and teacher assessments are updated regularly.  Half termly Read Write Inc Assessments take place for children on the programme.   ​Our newly introduced Accelerated Reader programme is used to track progress of readers, who have finished the Read Write Inc programme, through online quizzes. Staff are then able to identify those children in need of intervention and support those who are making swift progress. 


Reading Across the Curriculum

All pupils are encouraged to read widely across both fiction and non-fiction to develop their knowledge of themselves and the world they live in, to establish an appreciation and love of reading, and to gain knowledge across the curriculum.