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Charging Policy

Dear Parent/Carer

We want to draw your attention to an updated Charging Policy which can be found on our school website, under Policies.

It has been necessary to make some changes to the policy to include a request for voluntary contributions

to cover the cost of some extra-curricular activities.

Whilst this will be kept to an absolute minimum, we wanted to make you aware.

Unfortunately, a reduction in funds has forced this decision. We are confident however, that we will

be able to subsidise many events with the strong fundraising community at work in the school

and community. As always, lack of funds would never prevent a child from having equal access to

activities and experiences. We are confident that we will be able to use a variety of resources to

ensure our children get the best from their time at Our Lady and St Joseph's School. 

The current COVID-19 situation has taught us that the school and wider community are at hand to

help and support our small school when needed. 

Thank you