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Class 3

Weekly Tasks


I will be uploading weekly tasks for English and Maths for children in class 3. They should complete the task of the group they are in.

Maths - Children should go through the powerpoint first then complete the steps in order (don't worry if some steps are missing) and complete the VF (verbal feedback) tasks for that step first then the RPS (reasoning and problem solving) for that step. They should then do the VF then the RPS for the next step. Children should work through all questions where they can. 

For example; Go through Step 1 power point, then Step 1 VF Qs, then Step 1 RPS questions. Then children would repeat this process for the next step.

English - Differentiated tasks (if necessary) will be on the word document that is uploaded.




I will use Purple Mash to set individual tasks for children. These will appear as notifications on your child's account. Other than these tasks, your children can also use any other parts of Purple Mash and the below websites to support their learning. 


I will continue to post tasks, ideas and websites on a regular basis linked to the subjects and topics that were planned for this year. If you or your child has any questions regarding any of the home tasks set or having issues logging on to any of the above websites do not hesitate to email the school via the email address on our contact page and I will get back to you.

English - WB 30.3.2020

Websites to support learning


Purple mash

Children will have tasks set every week to complete. These can be completed and handed in via purple mash.


Times table rockstars

Children should continue to practice their times tables. If specific times tables need practiced then children can use Hit the button on top marks;


Read theory

Children should continue to practice their reading comprehension through this website and to continue reading at home. 


Classroom secrets

This website has a range of activities for ALL subjects. 


Year 4 times table check:

Year 4 children should continue to keep practising for their times table check using the above website. 


Children in class 3 have log in details for the above websites.


Available packs 

Year 3


Year 4



Children should continue to read books they have at home. Online books can also be accessed on the websites below. For some you will need to register.


Oxford Owl - 

myON -







At home tasks

I have compiled a list of alternative tasks that children can complete at home. It is set out similar to their homework grid. I have included some topic based work we would normally be covering over the next few weeks.

Please see the grid below.

Stay at home task grid

Welcome to Class 3!



Our Class Teacher is Mrs Hillary and our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Williamson, Mrs Raine and Mrs Armstrong.


Our class is a mixed Year 3 and 4 class. There are 33 children in our class. Every Thursday afternoon Mrs Hillary has PPA time and Mrs Williamson and Mrs Raine will lead the class on those afternoons.


Religious Education

This term class 3 will focus on the topics; People, Torah, Building Bridges (including the Sacrament of Reconciliation) and Gift. Year 4 children will be making their Sacrament of Reconciliation in November. 



In the Autumn term our work will be centred around 'Our Local Area'. We aim to look at the history of Leadgate, including the mining community and the Steel works in Consett. We will also spend some time looking at Local war heroes and the First World War around Remembrance day.



We will be covering place value, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, fractions, measures, properties of shape, position and direction and statistics. 


In topic we will be linking our work to our Local Area and learning about the history of Leadgate, coal mining and linking these to Art. 


Our Science topics this year are; Animals including humans, where we will explore what makes a healthy diet, the digestive system and how we can keep our teeth healthy.



This term, PE will take place on a Thursday afternoon. 


The children will be given time within class to work on spelling rules and extend this knowledge through practise and a test in school. They will also be given the list of spellings to learn at home and will be tested during the week. 


Times tables
It is important that the children continue to practice their times tables. Children have times table practise in school through times tables rockstars. Children can access this at home. 

The following websites can be used to help children learn their times tables.


Reading Books
Children have reading books and diaries that are sent home with them every day. Children are encouraged to read for at least 15 mins per evening and to record their reading in their diaries. Parents are asked to sign their child's diary once a week and be ready for a reading record check on a Friday.


Children have a homework grid which is in their homework folder. Children are asked to choose an activity each week to complete and bring their homework in. Please help to support your child with completing their homework which is due into school on a Wednesday.  

Homework Grid - Autumn