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Our Lady and St Joseph's Brooms RCVA Primary School, Leadgate

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Class 2

Welcome to Class 2.


Our Teacher this year is Mr Suddick.


Every Tuesday afternoon Mr Suddick has PPA time and  Mrs Raine will lead the class. Mr Suddick also has NQT time on a Friday morning. Mrs. Armstrong leads the class that morning. 


There are 19 children in our class, 5 are in Year 1 and 14 are in Year 2.


Key Dates

Monday and Tuesday are our PE days. PE kits should be brought in on Monday and kept in school until Friday.


Reading books and Homework will be given out each Friday and do not need to be returned until the following Thursday.


All children take part in Read Write Inc. from Monday to Thursday, focusing on a book to develop their phonics. 


Autumn Term



This half term we will be looking at Non- Fiction texts; what non-fiction and fiction means and how to tell what is a fact or not. We have used some lessons looking at books such as 'The Jungle Book', 'The Christmas Truce' and 'The day Santa Came to County Durham' to then create our own non-fiction texts. We have recently used our topic to lead our English lessons, using 'The Christmas Truce' as a stimulus for sentence writing (Y1), writing our own newspaper reports on the Christmas Truce, writing fact files about Walter Tull and lots more!



This half term we will be covering measurement and looking at length, weight, volume, money and time. This will include lots of practical activities so that we can understand how to use non-standard and standard units of measurement. We will also be looking at properties of shape, position and direction, as well as statistics. 


Religious Education

This term class 2 will focus on the topics; Beginnings (Looking at the Creation Story), Signs and Symbols (Baptism), Shabbat (Judaism), and Preparations (Advent)



In Science we will be learning how to work scientifically. This means that children will be taking part in lots of exciting practical experiments, as well as learning how to predict, observe and record their results. 



This  half term is 'Celebrations'. We will be learning about Guy Fawkes, a significant person from the past, and how and why we celebrate Bonfire night as well as thinking about how we can stay safe. We will then use the story 'The Christmas Truce' as a way of thinking about Remembrance day, we will be doing lots of art activities surrounding this then moving on to think about different aspects of WW1. Later in the half term, we will be looking at how other's around the world celebrate different festivals and occasions. 




In PE we are doing Games - Three Touch ball and Dance - 'The Cat Dance'.


The children will be given time within class to work on spelling rules and extend this knowledge through practise and a test in school. They will also be given the list of spellings to learn at home and will be tested during the week. 


In the weeks leading up to Christmas we will begin to prepare for our Christmas Play! Watch this space!