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Class 2

ONLINE TIMETABLE! - This document shows lots of fantastic videos and online learning, times and links to access these.

Home Learning


The work that has been provided is to be used in a way that suits your family. We appreciate every family is different and that some children will be able to do most of the work, whereas some will manage a small amount. (We have included about two weeks worth) This is not meant to add any stress or anxiety to the children or parents. It is work that the children would normally follow at school so hopefully the format will be familiar.

There is no expectation of timetable, amount of time spent on school work, or amount of work completed. This is to be managed by families in a way that works for you and fits in with everything else that has to be done.
This is a challenging time for all of us, we need to be kind to ourselves and each other.
Any questions, please ask on the class page.


Hope you are all well and safe.


Mr Suddick

English Home Learning - book to use to support learning week commencing 15.06.20

Science slides to support home learning - week commencing 15.06.20

Class 2 RE, science and foundation subject home learning grid - week commencing 15.06.20


Home Learning - Maths Year 1 and 2 PowerPoints to support learning.


Underneath you will find the relevant PowerPoints to support alongside the worksheets provided in your packs.

The work provided is to last for the two weeks. As mentioned earlier there is no pressure and these are suggested tasks. 

Class 2 English Home Learning tasks.

Class 2 - R.E., Science and foundation subjects.

Underneath you will find the usual grid used for R.E., Science and foundation subjects. In this grid you may find useful information and web links to help support learning. I have also attached a fun slideshow to help children with their science work. 


For the remainder of our time we are looking at Grace Darling - a historical and local figure. I have attached the following weblinks and videos to help children research this girl's achievements and background for their work. 


Science, R.E. and Topic Home Learning packs, slides & links to websites and videos. Week commencing 03.06.20


Class 2 English home learning booklet - Journey.

Class 2 R.E., science and foundation subject home home learning - week commencing 18.05.20


Year 1. Maths home learning for two weeks - Multiplication and Division & Position and Direction. Week commencing 05.05.20


English Home Learning - Week commencing 05.05.20

Underneath you will find the PowerPoints and the home learning booklet to support children's learning found in the English home learning task booklet. I have named the PowerPoints as mentioned in the booklet to make it easier to access. 

Class 2 English Home learning booklet

Science, R.E. and Topic Home Learning packs - links to websites and videos. Week commencing 05.05.20


English Home Learning - Week commencing 20.04.20

Underneath you will find the PowerPoints to support children's learning found in the English home learning task booklet.

I have named the PowerPoints as mentioned in the booklet to make it easier to access. 


Please note that the Apostrophe for possession lesson has been taken off for relevance of the class' needs. However, this will be looked at in the future packs. 


Science, R.E. and Topic Home Learning packs - links to websites and videos. Week Commencing 20.04.20







Easter Holidays

As Mrs Norman has mentioned on the School Website, work will not be necessarily 'set' over the Easter Holidays. Please continue to look at the home tasks, as these focus on some great ways to have family time and to make sure that our mental well-being is positive for when we return back to school. If you would like to do some work and activities, I have included these below. Hope you are all okay and continue to stay safe. I will post more home learning after the Easter Holidays.


Please make sure to use the class blog to post any photos, or ideas that you would like to share with other children. This blog is also useful for if you would like to ask me any questions about work given, or would like anymore suggestions. Please make sure to use the online timetable below to access some brilliant websites that have been given to us. 


Invaders and Explorers!

I have set a 2do on Purple Mash about the life on Christopher Columbus. This will be a fantastic way to talk about what we have been learning about in class. There are also hints when you launch the app, which will help children to talk more about what different types of information should be mentioned. I look forward to reading these! 


Easter ideas

1. Can you decorate an egg for Easter? You could post a picture on our Class Blog.


2. Watch the video link below which looks at the Easter story. Can you make a newspaper article which looks at the story of Jesus'  resurrection? I have included a PowerPoint with the features that are expected in a newspaper for those who may have forgotten

from our last article. I have also set a 2do on Purple Mash that gives you an editable online version of a newspaper article.


3. Could you read and retell the Easter Story? You could do it in pictures  like a story board, or you could design a poster!


Other ideas :

1. Continue with the Stay at Home Tasks that were posted last week.

2. Keep reading- anything and everything! I hope you are all enjoying George's Marvellous Medicine! 

3. Keep using Classroom Secrets, Purple Mash and Topmarks games – I will set more 2dos after Easter. 

4. Keep a diary of what you are doing each day- this will help with handwriting, writing sentences, capital letters and full stops. 


Take care and stay safe

Mr Suddick 

KS1 recap on features of a newspaper report - hope this helps.

Daily Arithmetic Practice - Magic Four. Please access each slide for every day, your child should know what colour they are on but you can always try harder ones as a challenge or why not all three?

Class 2 Home Learning - week beginning 30.03.20




Follow the link above which leads to the online reading of George's Marvellous Medicine. The children have loved reading this book and I hope to read some lovely comments on what the children think of each chapter on the class blog! This can be something that you can use as a bed time read too but each week there will be activities set for each chapter. We are currently on 'Grandma gets her medicine'. Hope you love reading with the children as much as I have!

The children have previously created their own medicine! After reading the chapter, the children can make a list of all of the things that happened to George's Grandma and then create your own list of the things that would happen to yours! Please remember to use fantastic adjectives and adverbs! The children can then answer questions to the chapter 'Grandma gets her medicine' (questions are posted bellow). 

Class 2 questions on 'Grandma gets her medicine'

White Rose Maths Party!

White Rose have provided fantastic online maths videos. 

How to join in the maths party!


  • At 10am go to:
  • Choose your year group. 
  • Watch the video
  • Try the questions.
  • Tweet your solutions or ask questions using the hashtags #MathsEveryoneCanAtHome and #MathsParty.


The White Rose team have also suggested that parents can email if unsure of any questions at 

Or, alternatively you can comment on the class blog. 

At home tasks

I have compiled a list of alternative tasks that children can complete at home. It is set out similar to their homework grid. I have included some topic based work we would normally be covering over the next few weeks.

Please see the grid below.

Stay at home task grid

Spelling rules and words to learn to apply the rule.

Perhaps you could think of other words that follow each rule. I wonder how many you can think of?

Try a spelling test each Friday or weekend to see if children have remembered the spelling rule!


There will be daily Phonics sessions delivered by Read Write Inc available on Youtube if you would like your child to watch and take part, follow the link below:  


My understanding is that lessons will be streamed live at certain times and will not be available at any other time:


Set 1 Speed Sounds at 9.30am and again at 12.20pm  (YR)

Set 2 Speed Sounds at 10.00am and again at 1.00pm (YR + Mrs Jarvis and Mrs Nichol's Group)

Set 3 Speed Sounds at 10.30am and again at 1.30pm  (All groups excluding YR)

Read, Read, Read!

Read as often as you can. While children didn’t bring home reading books, you can access online books by registering at

If your child’s reading record was in school on Friday, we wrote in which Book Band your child is currently working on so you can access the correct level.


Do as much or as little as you are able to  of these suggestions. 

Home Learning

During this difficult time, it is vital that we ensure some form of continuity for our children. With that in mind, we will provide regular updates on this page for ideas for home learning throughout the period of school closures.  On this page, you will be able to find links to websites that we feel will best support your child's learning to ensure that disruption is as minimal as possible. Your child should have their log ins and passwords for three different sites that the school use:

1. Classroom Secrets- a maths site that is used daily in school.

2. Read Theory- to practise fluency and comprehension

3. Purple Mash- a variety of  curriculum resources. Teachers can set tasks for children to complete through this site, when children log in, the task set will appear as a notification.

If your child does not have their login, or, has forgotten their login, please contact the school. 


We appreciate that this is a very challenging time for all, we aim to do everything we can to continue to support your child's education.


Best wishes

Mr Suddick

Alternative Design & Technology task - recycling

As a way to remember the importance of recycling and art, I have tried some DIY activities with used milk cartons.

The children can use the pictures below as step-by-step instructions. Or you can use these ideas to create your own animals and super heroes! Please post any photos of the children's work on the class blog - I look forward to seeing everyone's ideas!

Altenative stay at home activities with children - recycling milk bottles!

Purple Mash


I am currently experiencing some technical difficulties posting activities on the 2do for children to access. Please stay tuned on the class blog when these will be announced, once the issue has been sorted. In the meantime please feel free to access all of the fantastic stuff the website has to offer!

I recommend the multiplication games for - 2s, 5s, and 10s. 

Some useful websites:

Year 1

 username: march20   Password: home


It is important that all children know all necessary sounds! 


Year 1 and Year 2

- highly recommend hit the button, daily 10, mental maths train, toy shop money game, coconut ordering, as well as many more.






Welcome to Class 2.


Our Teacher this year is Mr Suddick.


Every Tuesday afternoon Mr Suddick has PPA time and  Mrs Raine will lead the class. Mr Suddick also has NQT time on a Friday morning. Mrs. Armstrong leads the class that morning. 


There are 20 children in our class, 6 are in Year 1 and 14 are in Year 2.


Key Dates

Monday and Tuesday are our PE days. PE kits should be brought in on Monday and kept in school until Friday.


Reading books and Homework will be given out each Friday and do not need to be returned until the following Thursday.


All children take part in Read Write Inc. from Monday to Thursday, focusing on a book to develop their phonics. 


Spring Term



This term we will be looking at 'George's Marvellous Medicine' by Roald Dahl. We will be using this to look at higher levelled texts to share in Key Stage 1. We will be doing guided reading around each chapter and exploring what happens in each one. So far, this term, we will be creating our own medicine recipes, our own grandma, character description and diary extracts. We will then be looking at the life of Roald Dahl and creating non-chronological reports based on the information given. 



This term we will be covering measurement and looking at length, weight, volume, money and time. This will include lots of practical activities so that we can understand how to use non-standard and standard units of measurement. We will also be recapping addition and subtraction, as well as statistics. 


Religious Education

This term class 2 will focus on the topics; Books,  Thanksgiving (Mass), Opportunities (Lent) and Prayer at home (Islam). 



In Science we will be learning about plants. This term we will be observing trees and flowering plants, from this we will discover the different parts of a tree and a flower. We will also be planting a seed and a bulb and compare and predict the growth of each to decide whether a seed or a bulb will be quicker and why we think this. We will also be looking at the life cycle of a plant and we it is important to learn how new wild plants reproduce, as well as looking at how local and commercial farms grow plants and what these businesses do to ensure the safety of their plant's growth. 



This  term we are looking at 'Invaders or Explorers?'. In this topic we will be covering the life of Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong. We will be looking at what life was like in both eras and comparing this era with our own to decide what life must have been like. We will also be looking at each significant individual's accomplishments and journeys. Throughout topic, we will be asking each individual questions and then hoping to answer these questions by the end of each lesson. So far the children have loved learning about how people six hundred years ago!



In PE we are doing Games - Kick rounders and Gymnastics.


The children will be given time within class to work on spelling rules and extend this knowledge through practise and a test in school. They will also be given the list of spellings to learn at home and will be tested during the week. 


The Magic Four!

In class we are making sure that all children are confident to use their own method to work out addition, subtraction, multiplication and division sums. This means every morning we complete one sum of each method. Multiplication and division sums include the two, five, ten and three times tables. Addition and subtraction sums can include crossing tens and so children have focused on using the column method to cross over tens.