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Our Lady and St Joseph's Brooms RCVA Primary School, Leadgate

We Learn, We Love, We Grow in Jesus' Name

Meet the Staff

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Mrs S M Fenwick - Headteacher - Catholic Life & Collective Worship - (Safeguarding, PREVENT, Looked After Children,

Health & Safety & Art Co-Ordinator)

Priest - Fr J Bagnall 


Class 1 (Reception & Year 1) - Mrs H Jarvis (Pastoral Lead Teacher, English, History and Geography Co-Ordinator)
Class 2 (Year 2 & Year 3) - Mrs L Hillary (Maternity Leave) (Computing, Internet Safety & Outdoor Learning Co-Ordinator)

Class 2 (Year 2 & Year 3) - Ms Y Hardman - Supply Cover (Computing, Internet Safety & Outdoor Learning Co-Ordinator)
Class 3 (Year 3 & Year 4) - Miss R Wilks (RE & Science Co-Ordinator)

Class 4 (Year 5) - Miss J Croxford (Assessment & Progress Lead Teacher, Maths & PE Co-Ordinator)

Class 5 (Year 6) - Mrs H Norman (Deputy Headteacher & SENDCo, Early Years, Music and Design and Technology Co-Ordinator)



Mrs J Armstrong - (Emotional Wellbeing Needs & Parent Support)

Ms J Hopper - (Early Years & Active/Outdoor Learning)

Mrs V Nichol - (Curriculum)

Mrs C Raine - (Medical Needs)

Mrs C Williamson - (Social & Communicative Needs)



Mrs G Loughran - School Business Manager (and Administration of Medication)

Mr S Raine - Caretaker

Mrs L Roebuck - Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant

Mrs C Flurry - Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant

Mrs C A Grierson - Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant

Mrs C Curnick - Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant

Ms S Bell - School Crossing Patrol


Ms P Moreton - Cook (Gardening & Healthy Choices)

Mrs J Dunn - Assistant Cook


Mr A Freeman - ICT Technician & Data Protection Officer

Mr D Jakstins - Music Teacher

Mrs J Lewin - L.E.A. Link Inspector

Mrs A Johnson - School Nurse (NHS)

Dr R Stollery - Educational Psychologist 

Mr P Cox - School Attendance and Improvement Officer (Durham LA)

Ms L Turnbull - Speech and Language                                                                                           

Ms L Wilson - Specialist Speech Language Therapist

Mrs K Fail - Speech and Language  Assistant (Community of Learning)

Mrs B Meggeson - Welfare and Development Manager (St Bede’s Cluster)

Mrs V MacFarlane - VIVA - Anti-Bullying Services

Mrs S Howard - Counselling Service