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Class 2

Welcome to Class 2.

We have started a class blog to share with everyone some of the things we have done in class.

Make sure you leave a comment , it would be lovely to hear from you.


Our Teacher this year is Mrs Hillary and our teaching assistant is Mrs Williamson. 


Every other Friday Mrs Hillary has PPA time and Mrs Norman will lead the class that day.


There are 28 children in our class, 4 are in Year 1 and 17 are in Year 2 and 7 are in Year 3.


Key Dates

Monday and Wednesday are our PE days. PE kits should be brought in on Monday and kept in school until Friday.


Tuesday is times table test day for Year 3's only.


Friday is spelling day - Please make sure all spellings are completed and returned for a Friday.


Friday is reading book day - Please make sure the previous book is returned to school for a new book to be issued. 


Autumn Term

Our topic this term is 'Houses, Holes and Hideouts' We are using Art and Design and Technology to explore our own imaginations and to see what wonderful things we can create using the outdoors to help us!


In English we will focus on the 3 little pigs and their houses. We will be describing characters, interviewing the wolf and then once we have read the wolf's side of the story we will decide if the wolf is guilty of his crimes or not!


In Maths we will be looking at place value, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, shapes and fractions.


In Science we are looking at animals including humans where we will learn about our senses and our body and how we can classify animals.


In topic we will be looking at different houses through time and throughout the world and seeing if we can replicate the different types of houses.


In PE we are doing Games and Dance. In games we will be linking it to our 3 little pigs topic and playing piggy in the middle, focusing on how we move and catch the ball. 


In the weeks leading up to Christmas we will begin to prepare for our Christmas Play! Watch this space!


Spring Term

In Spring our Topic is Superheroes! 


In English we will focus on various books that showcase different superheroes, from Traction man to Supertato! Then in Topic, we will be making our own Super veg and exploring different types of Superheroes. We will conclude our Topic by looking at real life Superheroes, past and present, and hopefully get a chance to meet some real life ones!


In Maths we will continue our work in Place value, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, fractions, shape, measures and statistics. 


In Science, we will continue to look at our bodies and the effects food has on different parts of our body. We will explore and imagine what happens and test these in different experiments. 


In PE we will continue to focus on how we move our bodies in dance and various games. 



Ted's Travels

Every Friday Ted will choose someone to go home with for the weekend. Ted loves adventures and spending time with the children from class 2. Children can draw pictures and write about their time with Ted to be shared with the class, when returned on the Monday.

Please encourage your child to write about their time with Ted and please do not do anything out of your ordinary routine.


Enjoy and please return on Monday! smiley

Class 2's new Class Ted!

Class 2's new Class Ted! 1